Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spewing Anger Over The Oil Spill

This morning, I saw some DISGUSTING video on Fox News. It was a live shot of the oil that is hemorrhaging from the leaky oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. It is beyond my comprehension that so much of that oily, smelly, noxious, chokingly thick petroleum has been gushing into our beautiful ocean for nearly two months now. How can anyone responsible for this disaster lay their head down on a pillow at night and sleep soundly for 6-8 hours while hundreds of thousands more gallons of killer goo pollute our oceans overnight?

My heart ACHES for all the sea life that has suffocated in that blanket of black death. Last I heard, they were sucking oil out of the lungs of sea turtles.

I love animals and have reverence for the life that is breathed into them, but I have always kept a respectful distance between me and whatever swims out there in the ocean. However, this oil spill has touched a very primal part of my soul, one that wants to take action and hop on the next plane and run down to the scene of the crime to help save these poor sea creatures. Similar to how I would make a mad dash outside brandishing a box of Band-Aids whenever my kids fell off their bikes . . . but on a more global level.

Even the sharks I have pity for, because they never saw this coming. You should at least give your enemies some fair warning before you attack. Remember Pearl Harbor?

I can understand the nature of this accident. But I’m mad as HELL that the problem hasn’t been fixed by now. Every hour that goes by that the oil continues to spew into the ocean, more sea life dies. More turtles choke to death. More dead dolphins wash ashore. More birds from the coastal preserves can’t fly because their wings are encased in petroleum.

This oil spill is their Armageddon, and we at the top of the food chain, the higher intelligence of all species, the ones in charge who have been given the charge to take care of these delicate and sacred creatures and preserve the life around them, WE have failed them miserably.


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