Sunday, November 22, 2009

Leave The Moms Alone!

I kid you not, the morning after I wrote my "Road Kill Of Another Kind" post, I was taking my daughter to school and saw not one officer pulling over a mom in a minivan, but THREE . . . all at the same time, right there in front of the middle school.

It looked like a sting operation!

I understand the profit motive, the explanation that Jouda touched on, that the recession is stretching everyone's budget, including the city's. But why squeeze it out of moms? In many cases, we're the keepers of the family till, and these days, the till is pretty empty. As moms trying to battle through a recession and climbing unemployment rates, we do our best to make sure that there's enough money for three meals a day for the entire family, gas in the car, heat and electricity, and maybe an occasional Happy Meal. I assure you that we don't have the funds to be paying $250 traffic tickets for going just a few miles over the speed limit.

Can't the city make money in another, more humane way? Oh, I don't know, like cutting down on the number of traffic cops patrolling in front of a middle school?


Anonymous said...

How about you just follow the rules?

Lynn said...

Gee,(ahem)"Anonymous" . . . telling me to "follow the rules" is rather odd coming from someone whose own rulebook reads something like, "Break any rules,including the basic law of human decency, to do whatever is necessary to advance my own career and climb to the top of a crumbling mountain." Is that what they taught you at that Catholic school where you were crowned valedictorian -- St. Judas of Iscariot?