Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chik-fil-A Ruffles Feathers

          The mercury hit 99 degrees in this hot town around dinnertime yesterday, but that didn’t stop chicken lovers from flocking in droves to the Chik-fil-A in my town. I was on my way to get dinner elsewhere, and things got a little slow in the right lane. 

     As I got closer, I saw why:  Scores of cars were snaking around the restaurant and through the drive-thru.  I was impressed that my community was taking a strong stand against the suppression of free speech.  I didn’t know we had it in us!

I got out and started talking to people, and based on my very informal survey, most people were there to support “traditional marriage.”  One guy wearing a stars-and-stripes  T-shirt said he was there to support “Free speech.” 

And another very vocal man – who came out of the restaurant with three bulging bags holding $30 worth of chicken and fixin’s for his family  --  had a few choice words for the mayors of Chicago and Boston for saying that Chik-fil-A would not be welcome to set up business in their towns.  He couldn’t believe the government would step in and try to interfere with private business like that.

Two kind-hearted young men were passing out water bottles to the drivers waiting in the long line.  They were youth ministers from a local church who had bought cases of water with their own money so that they could thank people for coming out to support traditional marriage, they said.

I am BLOWN AWAY by the activist turnout in my town.  And it gives me great hope and optimism for the upcoming presidentialelections.

Yes, we made a very strong statement with our support of Chik-fil-A yesterday.  But the place where we need to really turn out in record numbers, and speak out very loudly and clearly, is at the polls in November. 

It looks like there may be very long lines there, too, so you may want to bring a bag lunch with you on election day.  May I suggest a Chik-fil-A sandwich?

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