Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2016: Obama's America

          How many times have you been to a movie where the entire audience stands up and applauds while the credits roll?

          I just witnessed this amazing show of patriotism this weekend at the movie, “2016: Obama’s America.”  And I am reading about similar reactions erupting in theaters all over this country.  One woman, in Colorado, I believe, stood up and started singing “God Bless America!”  proudly and unselfconsciously.

          Now that’s the kind of RAP music I can tolerate!  (RAP, in this instance, being an acronym for Random Acts of Patriotism.)

          Anyhow, if you haven’t seen the movie, you MUST GO!  Bring your spouse, your teens, blindfold your liberal friends and drag them in there – or tell them you’ll pay for their ticket.  You know how much they like free stuff.

          This movie is a cinematic wake-up call. A frightening documentary about the man the majority of us (not me!) elected to the highest office in this country four years ago, not really knowing who Obama is or where he came from.  Hawaii? Indonesia? Kenya? Where exactly was he born, again?  

It’s amazing that after four years under this man’s leadership, we still don’t know any more about our own President than we did when he was promising to transform America back in 2007.

          Well, director DineshD’Souza cracks that nut wide open.  

          I took my 18-year-old to see the movie.  An attempt at indoctrination? Hell, yes!  I’m her parent, her college professor isn't.  It’s my right, not his.  She went in to the movie leaning left, and she came out hightailing it toward the right.  In her words, “Mom, that really scared me. Our country is in trouble.”

          From the mouths of babes.

FOOTNOTE:  I found this interesting quote online:  "When somebody goes to Yahoo!'s movie site and types in a film's name, typically hundreds of web search results come up yet when one searches for "2016: Obama's America" not one search result is returned," said "2016" executive producer John Sullivan. "The website for '2016: Obama's America' is generating nearly a million page views per day so it's not as though the information traffic is not out there. We look forward to Yahoo! updating its search capability so that viewers can easily find out information about ours and other popular movies."


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