Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Say Good-Bye To Father\Daughter Dances

The politically correct, ACLU police are out in full force again – this time in Cranston, Rhode Island, where one solitary single mother was able to shut down a long-standing tradition of Father\Daughter dances because she wasn’t able to participate in them.

I am a single mother and here’s what I have to say to that: Are you kidding me? If you're not a father, why would you want to go to a Father\Daughter dance, anyway? More to the point: Let these dads and daughters have a little bonding time, for goodness sake! Most fathers don't get to spend much time with their daughters as it is.
If you’re a single mom, you made the choice somewhere along the way to go it alone. I realize there are many reasons why women become single moms, but just because your child isn’t living with her father doesn’t mean that other young girls shouldn’t be able to enjoy a night out with their dads.
Single moms have ample opportunity for one-on-one time with their sons and daughters like, I don’t know . . . EVERY DAY! So I don’t understand why this one single mom would begrudge so many men from spending ONE NIGHT, one-on-one with their little girls.
It’s a rite of passage that shouldn’t be missed.
When I was in 7th Grade, I went to my first Father\Daughter dance. I remember it very well. Why? Because my father wasn't there. He was serving a tour of duty in Vietnam, and my mother didn’t want me to feel left out, so she asked my dad’s best friend, Mr. Maybee, to take me to the dance. Mr. Maybee had three sons, so he was more than happy to surround himself with girls for a change. It wasn’t awkward or weird, either. (Pedaphilia wasn’t even in the dictionary way back then!) I vividly recall that I had fun with Mr. Maybee. He bought me a corsage, we ate a spaghetti dinner and talked about how much I missed my dad.
Now wouldn't my experience have been a better solution to this problem in Rhode Island? This one solitary single mother could have asked a close and trusted male in her life to do the honors of escorting her daughter to the dance.
Not only would lifelong memories have been made on that dance floor for all the dads and daughters in attendance. But also, that rebel-rousing single mom would have enjoyed a nice break from single parenthood for a few hours.
It sounds like she desperately needs it.

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