Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ebony And Ivory

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OK, OK, so Obama won the election. Convincingly, I suppose. OK, OK, so it was a slaughter! Whatever, Dad! Clearly, this country is demanding a change, although, as a Republican, it feels more like a revolution today. I am willing to give him a chance. What choice do I have? Who knows? He could be great. He’s young enough, he’s smart enough and he has a phenomenal speech writer. Let’s just pray he surrounds himself with the right people. Rather, the right LEFT people.

I was devastated when the electoral college tally put him over the 270-vote target. But I have to tell you, what did soften my granite heart a bit was when I saw Obama’s family and Biden’s family on stage together after the President-elect’s acceptance speech. White Biden relatives hugging and kissing black Obama relatives. Forty years after the Civil Rights movement, the symbolism was hopeful and uplifting. Blacks and whites visibly uniting, centerstage, to move our country forward.

Whatever comes out of Obama’s presidency, good or bad, having a black President should go a long way in repairing race relations in this country. Hey, it’s a start, anyway. And as a mother, I like knowing that my children will be growing up in a more racially tolerant country.

Oh, if I can just be a little petty for a moment . . . what was up with that black and red disaster of a dress that Michelle Obama was wearing? She may want to borrow some of Sarah Palin's designer suits.

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blackbelt_oma said...

Hi, I'm a friend of "Musings." Thank you for this terrific post. I am a devout Christian, but strangely as it would seem, I am a Democrat. (That does not betray who I voted for, though.) Anyway, I've seen so much negative stuff that it's great to read your little piece.

Lynn said...


Nice to hear from you! Boy, Jo-Lynne is really doing a good job of publicity for me. Isn't her blog wonderful? No wonder she is so popular! I can only hope other bloggers like me half as much as they like her. I don't see anything strange about you being a Christian and a Democrat. Not all Democrats are Godless, after all. (That's supposed to be a joke!) Christian, Muslim, Catholic or otherwise, we moms need to stand together! Let's meet up again, soon.