Thursday, November 20, 2008

EXcuuuuse Meez?!!

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I haven’t posted a blog in almost a week. That means my blood pressure is down and all is right with the world – if you’re not counting the recession, rising unemployment, Wall Street woes and the GM bailout.

Then last night, I found my next blog post. My teen was on a website called Meez. You ever heard of it? Basically, it’s a chat room where you can create an avatar of yourself that actually looks like you do in real life, and then you can manipulate yourself with the mouse to walk around the room, interacting with other chatter-avatars. Looked like one big party, so I watched for a while.

Then some idiot named Joe sent my daughter two messages, one right after the other:

“I like touching boobs.” EXCUUUSSEE ME??

And: “Can I borrow your vaginal cream?” OK, Buddy, get your little avatar paws off my daughter, you cyber creep!

One click and she was off that Meez website, and I set up parental controls to block it. I’m not sure how long she has been visiting Meez, as she goes to her dad’s house every other weekend, and I have zero control over what she does there. But she will not be on the Meez site over here anymore!

Pretty cool technology, I’ll give them that. But, once again, the Meez site is yet another portal through which creeps, perverts and predators can interact with our kids.

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HeyJoe said...

I promise it wasn't me.

HeyJoe said...

However I DO like touching consenting adult boobs. Just so we're clear.

Lynn said...

Does that include man boobs, Joe?

HeyJoe said...

Um, no. Thank you for clarifying that Lynn.