Monday, November 3, 2008

Morning Drive

KIIS-FM logo from 1989 to 1998Image via Wikipedia This morning, I was driving my teen to school and we were flipping through the various radio stations. My teen settled on 102.7 KISS FM, hosted by the busiest man in entertainment -- Ryan Seacrest. He was taking a call from a woman who was complaining about how her husband had cheated on her multiple times throughout their marriage. So, she told Ryan, she decided to have an affair, too, and she wanted Ryan to call her husband and break the news to him. Not sure what happened after that because I quickly changed the station. I can't BELIEVE that this is the kind of tripe that radio stations are programing in the morning, when hordes of parents are taking their children to school! I guess it's fun for adults to witness the unraveling of trust and surely the breakup of a marriage LIVE, as it's happening, on the radio. After all, reality TV and radio is SO in vogue these days! But, come on! Is this the message we want to send to our daughters and sons -- that it's OK to betray the one you love because it will get you some airtime someday? I deprogrammed KISS FM immediately from our radio dial. It's no longer a "preferred" station. Send a message to their advertisers and do the same, won't you?

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HeyJoe said...

I'm always very careful about what's on the radio on the drive to school. I'm a big Mark and Brian fan but they too get a little inappropriate at times. What amazes me is the language that's allowed on the radio nowadays. I have heard:


along with numerous other sexual innuendos and slang terms for dick, pussy, ass, sex, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of adult humor and am far from being a prude, (hell, read my blog) but society has gone too far re: what is "acceptable." No wonder there are so many jackasses in the world. Being an asshole is COOL.

Lynn said...


You just George Carlined my blog! Hope I don't get shut down by the obscenity police!

HeyJoe said...
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Lynn said...


I guess now I won't be able to let my daughters read my blog. At least not this post!