Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kids Are NOT Sexy, OK?!

This blog is aimed directly at parents. (In fact, if I could shoot a few of you, I would.) This weekend, I experienced two incidents that really disturbed me. My daughters and I were shopping, and this little girl walked by me, she must have been 7 years old, tops. Cute little thing, except she was wearing this T-shirt that shouted in big, bold letters: “I LOVE FRAT BOYS!”

What?? Does she even know what a frat boy is? Has she even seen “Animal House?” First off, I would not be encouraging my 7-year-old daughter to love boys. At that sweet age, she should love stuffed animals and macaroni and cheese (and her mom and dad, of course). Secondly, encouraging your daughter to love boys who are rude, obnoxious, destructive, and focused on partying and screwing hordes of women is not good parenting, People!

Most important, why would you think it’s cute, funny or cool to turn your precious young daughter into a sex object? ( Is it because her mom, who bought her that ridiculous t-shirt, never felt sexy or got attention from men, so she and wanted to make sure her own daughter got a "good start" in life?

We then went into another store where three little girls, who were maybe 10, were wearing makeup. Lots of it. Thick mascara and garishly-blue eye shadow. We couldn’t help but stare. One of them turns to my daughters and says: “Why are you looking at us? Because we’re so hot?”

Parents, I am BEGGING you to stop sexualizing your children! They are not hot, they are not sexy . . . they are children! And as parents, it is your obligation to guard their innocence. Is it any wonder that our society seems to be getting overrun by sexual predators? Buying your children sexually suggestive T-shirts and dressing them up to look like street walkers is only fueling these predators' sick, sexual fantasies.

Think about that next time you decide to buy your daughter a T-shirt that says: “Kiss me. I’m daddy’s bad little girl.”

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sue blaney said...

Your examples of inappropriate dress and behavior make a powerful point, Lynn....keep up this good fight. Parents need to hear this message frequently so they have the confidence to say "NO you cannot wear that!" to their kids. We are all fighting an uphill battle against a culture that teaches behavior and values that go against the grain. Keep up the good work!

Lynn said...


I appreciate your kind words and encouragement. To be honest, I was toying with the idea of closing down this blog. Climbing on a soapbox and whining all the time gets a little old, not just for the reader, but for me,the blogger, too. Although I do agree the message I am trying to deliver is an important one. As long as I know I am reaching at least one person, I'll try to hang in there.

HeyJoe said...

Good post, Lynn. I agree 100%. I think there's enough evidence out there to support revoking the parenting license of many of these jackasses.

Lynn said...

Oh, Joe, if it weren't for you, I'd have practically no responses! Thanks for keeping me on life support.

HeyJoe said...

I feel your pain. My blog is not exactly blowing up with comments.

Lynn said...

It should be, Joe. You have a fun blog!

Mocha Dad said...

I wrote a similar post on my blog Mocha Dad. As a father of a daughter, it troubles me that retailers sell these provocative outfits for little girls. I've even more offended that the parents buy them. Parents must take a stand and protect their children form advertisers, retailers and sexual predators. I teach my daughter and sons the value of modesty.

Lynn said...

Hey, Mocha Dad!

Forgive me for responding so long after you did, but I just saw your response. Your blog,, is "Fah-bulous," by the way. How long have you been doing it? It looks very polished and professional. I tried to find the post you wrote on provocative clothing for children and couldn't locate it. Can you send me a link? I would love to read it!